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Asfordby Hill Primary School

Achieving High Standards

Welcome to Asfordby Hill Website. We have spaces in year 3 and EYFS. Please email the school if you would like to come and have a look around.

Vision, Values and Ethos

At Asfordby Hill Primary School, we pride ourselves on our values. We believe that all children have ‘individual value’ and aim that, during their time with us, they will recognise and appreciate their own and others’ value – ‘valuing individuals’.


Our vision is underpinned by three pillars: Success & Achievement, Modern-Day Citizens and Wellbeing & Community. These lay the foundations for all that we do at Asfordby Hill Primary School.



We aim for…

Success & Achievement

  • All children have their personal success celebrated.
  • All children achieve highly and make progress, regardless of background.
  • All children are resilient, respectful and confident learners.

Modern-Day Citizens

  • All children leave with deep, flexible knowledge.
  • All children leave literate, including digital literacy.
  • All children experience a rich, broad and balanced curriculum.

Wellbeing & Community

  • All children are happy and safe at school.
  • All children are equipped to take charge of their own wellbeing.
  • All children experience an excellent personal development programme.


Our Values

Our seven core values are seen in abundance throughout school – our rainbow skills.

Enthusiasm, Understanding Others, Gratitude, Self-Control, Perseverance, Curiosity and Optimism.

We encourage children that “when lightning strikes” they should “look for the rainbow”. This encourages them to utilise their seven rainbow skills to help them.